Interactive Magnetic Paintings

In life there are many choices. Each decision shapes the next. We build our reality on these choices. What seems like the only path at one point in time is easily transformed by a different moment, a new insight, a life experience that alters the view.

As a painter I get to make a choice with every brush stroke, the joy and wonder of the process is impossible to communicate in words so I decided to create a playful series that encourages viewers to play, interact and engage their imaginations through changing the paintings.

Each square is movable, light and easily placed on the magnetic surface. Each arrangement of the panels reflects a moment in time, one possible view made up of a multitude of choices.

Circles Squared; interactive magnetic painting, 38×38
Circles Squared, interactive magnetic painting, 38×38
Transformation; interactive magnetic painting, 20×20
Wrap Around; interactive magnetic painting, 20×20
Pathways; interactive magnetic painting, 20×20
Holding Hope; interactive magnetic painting, 20×20

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