Planet Pieces and Other Paintings

Life is movement.


I began doing the work I call “Planet Pieces” in an attempt to grapple with questions that, if unexpressed, would eat away at my ability to live peacefully and joyfully on the planet.


From the smallest micro level to the big picture of the universe and heavenly bodies, nothing is static. In this work I paint the movement I observe. To me this signifies life, health, vitality and the breathtaking beauty of our fragile planet.


Human-made geometric shapes often intrude into the paintings as I contemplate the issues of environmental destruction, justice, greed and climate change.


Where can we place our trust? Why do we allow our Earth to be carved up and depleted? What are our responsibilities as citizens, parents, voters, and artists? What risks do we take when we sell off these treasures, piece by piece to the highest bidder, or worse, waste them as a result of our apathy and inattention?


At times the best response I can come up with is to fully engage in the moment and paint the exquisite beauty I observe.




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