Open Mind Portrait Series

I’m particularly interested in how people get to an awareness I call the open mind. By this, I mean a mind space that leaves behind the everyday awareness of time, tasks and obligations and enters into a deeper level. The mind spaces and methods of accessing these levels vary tremendously for each of us. Whether we enter into an open mind through structured meditation, prayer, listening to music, gardening, writing or whatever provides a key, the experience can be deep and valuable.

As a visual artist I understand things through creating images. As this portrait project has evolved, I have found it useful to engage people in a conversation about if and how they enter deeper levels of awareness or an open mind. If they are interested in participating in the project with me I photograph them as they consider their own process of reaching an open mind or deep level of consciousness.

Later in the studio I create textured surfaces to visually represent layers of inner and outer worlds. Using the photos as source material I paint the expressions to float within and between the layers.

I am discovering that most people have very personal practices that they use to remove themselves from their day-to-day task oriented mind space and that the portrait project enables us to reflect on the topic together. This is enriching for me and I hope useful for them as well.

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