Getting Through This Together has been the working title. Not sure if it is final. Been working on a Planet S culpture that is taking a long time. Should be able to complete it this spring. I just put one of my interactive magnetic pieces on a wall in my house. Playing with the infinite ways to assemble it and getting excited about adding to this series… Here are 2 recent arrangements.

January 2022

Truth, lies, misinformation, communication, belief, denial, fear.

Images flood my sleeping and waking mind. Humans gesture, reach out, push away, cover eyes, ears or mouths. At times we react through our fear. Can we learn to listen, embrace, protect and honor one another?

I am painting and making sculpture. It is my way of witnessing this fraught time and processing my roller coaster emotions. I strive to be present, release, accept and see the beauty of each moment.

New Years 2022

First, some recent banners done by the Artists’ Rapid Response Team! All issues that precede us into 2022.

Most important issue, clearing a path for democracy. We can all help to make our voices heard to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and the Freedom to Vote Act, NOW!

Family Tree Sculptures Where They Belong

Nora Tryon, Family Tree Series, Air, acrylic on stretched canvas over branch frame.

Branch sculptures are finally at home. Coated with weather proofing they are living outside. We will see how they respond. It is a joy to live with them in the environment.

The photo on the right shows my branch piece alongside artist Tim Dowling’s metal seaweed sculpture.