Climate Change Activism and Art

The things that keep me going in these crazy times are my work, my friends and family. Our Artists Rapid Response Team! has been in great demand since the fall, with the increased activism on every front. The last couple of weeks climate change, health care and immigration related banners have been displayed in town halls, marches, galleries and store fronts.

ARRT! banner
ARRT! Banner

LumenARRT! projects have been difficult to perform lately due to weather but see info below from the website for a glimpse what’s happening with building projections. I am involved with


and inspired by the team of artists I work with at LumenARRT! I am learning new things about video projection, creating video animation from Anita Clearfield and Geoffrey Leighton. Mostly, my husband Richard and I are hard working crew helping to set up and take down equipment.

LumenARRT! is a project of the Artists Rapid Response Team (ARRT!).  We work through the Union of Maine Visual Artists (UMVA) to advocate for artists and further the work of progressive non-profits in the state of Maine.  Our video projections create a visual voice for these organizations and like electronic graffiti, bring awareness to issues of social, political and environmental justice.

Our latest video projection, “Air Story,” reminds people that climate change is an undisputed fact among scientists and that there are many toxic substances in our air. The brief video projections will be showing at venues throughout Maine in 2017.  Stay tuned for the next showing! You can see videos of some of our projections at

An interactive component will allow viewers to find out the air quality in their zip code. Try it now! Visit the 10Green project at the University of Maine –> #WhatsYourBreathableNumber

May 2017

ARRT! Banner painted April 30 and used for the first time on May1.

The ARRT! (Artists Rapid Response Team!) met on Sunday and we painted 3 beautiful banners that were put to use immediately. Anita Clearfield and I worked on this one most of the day with help from our fearless co-ordinator Natasha Mayers and others in the group. This is my first post for my new website. I hope to be able to keep it current and would love feedback.