Home in Quarantine

Strange times. I spent the past 8 months in California with my husband, our son and his family. We went there in August 2019 to respond to a medical emergency. My lovely daughter-in-law was struck down by a devastating reaction to an antibiotic, Cipro (ciprofloxacin, a fluoroquinolone drug, avoid these at all cost!) She is now able to participate in much of what is important to her, parenting, music, family life, although it is uncertain what the long term implications on her health will be.

Our son is a film maker, he had unavoidable international travel, which he put off as long as he could. We stayed to provide care and coverage for the family. Then the coronavirus hit. He nearly got stranded in Armenia, then on his return, needed to quarantine for 2 weeks. When he was finally home and virus free, we were ready to come home to Maine but the virus was ramping up.

We returned to Maine yesterday, after nearly 7 weeks of quarantine with grandchildren and family in California. We were suited up, covered, protected and sanitized. We took every precaution we could take and feel confident that we remain healthy, but will happily quarantine for at least 2 more weeks in the comfort of our own home.

I am so grateful to the masses of essential workers, healthcare workers and all citizens who have been sacrificing to make us all safer.

The image above is a piece I worked on periodically for a couple of years. While in California I often thought of it and how it fit the current state of the world. This morning, I looked at it, here in my Maine studio, and realized I had titled it “Isolation”. It takes on new meaning now.

One thought on “Home in Quarantine

  1. Great painting and so fitting to this time. Glad your daughter in law is ok and you all made it through your travels ok. I’d love to be in touch if you have time sometime!


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